Created by Alexandra de Rienzo Madero

Our story begins in the Garment District of New York City…. With over 60 Billion meters of fabric wasted in garment production a year, Threadcycle collects and recycles textile waste into new raw materials. Using collected fabric scraps, we break down the materials using heat to create carbon. It can be used for filtration, fertilization and stimulation of agricultural growth, or burned to create energy and heat. We prove that the fashion industry can be beneficial to communities rather than simply exhaustive of its resources. Through gifs, interactive videos and a story map, the general public will engage with the process of recycling textiles and creating biochar.

Alexandra de Rienzo is a creatively inclined business woman, entrepreneur, and data-driven problem solver. With over 7 years of work experience in Finance and Technology, she is currently pursuing her masters in Media Studies with a focus on Media Management. She hopes to keep developing an international career in the Technology, Media and Telecommunications.

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