Documentary Practice and Emerging Media – Work created during the pandemic

Created by 2020 Class during Covid Pandemic in Documentary Practice and Emerging Media

How do emerging media change the way we tell non-fiction stories? What kind of challenges do new media forms and practices pose to traditional documentary practice and established principles of narrative logic? Going beyond narrative, what are the potentials and limitations of using interactive and non-linear forms to negotiate between reality on the one hand and representation, and interpretation on the other? This practice-based course addresses such questions and explores documentary practice in emergent media technologies such as interactive web-based interfaces, locative media, GPS-adapted systems, VR/AR/XR and mobile applications.  Students work with text, graphics, stills, sound, and video, and experiment with linear and hypertextual navigation interfaces as well as popular social media and mapping tools.

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Vanessa Pappas

TikTok Global, Interim Head

Sam Feder

Film Director

Maya Mumma


Arun Venugopal

Reporter, Radio Host

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