Media Studies MA

Required Courses

  • NMDS 5006 Media Theory
  • NMDS 5008 Media Design

And one Research Methods course from the list below

  • NMDS 5010 Media Research Methods
  • NMDS 5012 Grant Seeking (1 credit)
  • NMDS 5015 Research Methods for Media Activism
  • NMDS 5017 Audience Research
  • NMDS 5020 Documentary Research Methods
  • NMDS 5024 The Design Process
  • NMDS 5026 Designing Methods for Media
  • NMDS 5288 Participatory Research and Social Inquiry
  • NMDM 5311 Market Research for Media Managers

The Master of Arts program in Media Studies offers a flexible and interdisciplinary curriculum in media theory and practice, with emphasis on creative media making, as well as critical analysis and reflection, guided by a faculty that includes noted film and media-makers, researchers, designers, and scholars.

Career Paths

Graduates of the Media Studies program work in diverse fields, including documentary and narrative film and media production, multi-platform transmedia and digital storytelling and marketing, media management and media research, as well as media advocacy and education. Some continue to PhDs and scholarly careers, while others produce innovative creative work as artists and designers, working with traditional and emerging media forms. Our graduates have been recognized worldwide by receiving top media and film festival awards, including Oscars, as well as accolades for significant scholarly contributions and media business innovations.

Subject Areas

These Areas are suggested course guides, but not required. A student can complete the track, or mix tracks and courses to best suit their academic goals.

Designed to accommodate working students, this flexible program enables students to study full-time or part time, on-site in New York, or online from anywhere. It is also possible to earn the master’s degree entirely online.


The limited number of required courses gives students many options to plot their own paths through the program and sample a variety of approaches and techniques. With permission, students may also take courses offered by other graduate programs at The New School.

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Media Management MS

Required Courses

  • NMDM 5303 Media Management and Leadership
  • NMDM 5301 Media Economics
  • NMDM 5312 Media Ethics
  • NMDS 5008 Media Design
  • NMDS 5428 Media Practices: Digital VideoProduction
  • NMDS 5427 Media Practices: Interactive
  • NMDS 5426 Media Practices: Design

**Other Production Class

Core Elective Courses (choose three*)

  • NMDS 5428 Media Practices: Digital Cinema
  • NMDM 5302 Media Industry Perspectives
  • NMDM 3518 Digital Strategy and Implementation
  • NMDM 3504 Information Technologies
  • NMDM 5326 Creative Management in the Arts
  • NMDM 3505 Competitive Strategies and Brand
  • NMDM 5306 Media, Corporate Responsibility/Law
  • NMDM 5314 Media Sales and Sales Management
  • NMDM 5311 Market Research for Media Managers
  • NMDM 3525 Film Distribution and New Media
  • NMDM 3524 Music Business in Media
  • PGPH 7191 Intellectual Property in the Digital Age (cross-listed with Parsons)
  • ​NMDM 5308 New Media Ethics
  • NMDM 5317 Business of Social Media
  • NMDM 5401 The Producer’s Craft
  • NMDS 5560 WNSR Radio Lab
  • NMDM 5312 Media Ethics
  • NMDS 5505 Social Media: Design and Management
  • NMDS 5268 Social Media: Content, Communication & Culture
  • NMDM 5328 Media Dealmaking
  • NMGT 2140 Entrepreneurship

* Others may be offered in the future.

**Relevant Internship for credit

The Master of Science in Media Management combines a strong foundation of managerial skills with critical analysis of the industries and their products. It is designed to encourage innovative thinking and entrepreneurship. Students explore the principles of management and the practices across today’s communications industries—television, movies, music, advertising, news, games, and social media—while also understanding and embracing changes in the field and evolving media platforms.


Graduates of the Media Management program work in a variety of areas, including production, marketing, and business management for TV, film, radio, and digital media; branding and advertising; and media administration for commercial and nonprofit organizations.


  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Marketing and media sales
  • Integrated media strategies
  • Data analytics
  • Business development
  • Project leadership


Course of study is flexible, with a broad selection of electives. It culminates in a Capstone project, where students work with an advisor on a comprehensive business plan or a management solution research project that focuses on a specific area of media business. It is completed in the student’s final semester in the MS degree program and includes a visual presentation and a 30-page paper. Designed to accommodate working students, this flexible program enables students to study full-time or part time, on-site in New York, or online from anywhere. With permission, students may also take certain courses offered by other graduate programs at The New School.

This program is STEM-designated. Eligible F-1 students in this program can apply for an additional 24 months of optional practical training at the end of their post-completion OPT.

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Graduate Documentary Studies Certificate

Required Courses

  • NDOC 5000 Foundations of Documentary Practice
  • NDOC 5102 Intro to Documentary Cinematography
  • NDCO 5100 Documentary: Its Art and History
  • NDOC 5103 Editing Arta & Practice
  • NDOC 5001 Documentary Project

The graduate certificate program in Documentary Studies is awarded for successful completion of six courses (five required and one elective; a total of 18 credits) in documentary history, theory, production and post-production. During one year in residence, students produce, direct, and edit an original short documentary, based on a subject in or near New York City.

After the successful completion of the certificate, students have the option to continue into the MA Media Studies program, applying their earned credits toward the MA degree (the equivalent of one year of full-time study in the MA program).

Career paths

Graduate certificate holders work as documentary directors, producers, editors, cinematographers, or researchers; in documentary television or distribution; film festival programming and curation; museum or gallery curation; many continue to the MA in Media Studies. Many of the graduates have become award-winning filmmakers and professionals in the field.


The Certificate curriculum can be seen here.

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Media Management Certificate

The graduate certificate in Media Management is awarded for the completion of 12 graduate credits (four courses selected from key areas of the Media Management curriculum) and a 10-page synthesis paper. The certificate provides a strong foundation of management principles and leadership skills for business professionals working or expecting to find work in a variety of media fields.

After the successful completion of the certificate, students have the option to apply these credits toward the MS in Media Management or the MA in Media Studies.

By directing 12 of their seminar credits toward the certificate and completing a final paper, MA Media Studies students can also attain the Certificate in Media Management as part of their coursework. These credits are applied both towards the MA degree and the Media management certificate. For more information, visit the main page.

Subject Areas

  • industry perspectives
  • media management and leadership
  • media economics
  • information technologies
  • competitive strategies
  • corporate responsibility

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The New School’s School of Media Studies provides a flexible, interdisciplinary curriculum and programs that allow for highly personalized pathways of study. Join a dynamic international student body in New York City.

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